31 March, 2009

Of pork, more pork, and some more pork…. Burp!!!

It was a 3 day long weekend. The guys and I decided we’d take a road trip. All of us realize that this is probably the last time I’d be able to take a vacation with the gang for a year at least. Already, one of our dudes is in Chicago and it’s been a while since we all went on vacation. Anyway, sentiment aside, we all went on a road trip to Coorg. The trip was really fun, tons of jokes and leg pulling. And since it was all guys, we were our usual obnoxious selves. Not that we normally are not, but when girls are around we feel a little embarrassed being obnoxious. Just a little though.

We got to see tons of places, really good photo ops for the avid photographers…and the wannabes a.k.a yours truly. For me, the main thing that stood out of the trip was the pork. Yes, you heard me. Road trip with friends….probably the last in some time… fair amount of alcohol…loud music…and I remember the pork. Coorg is known for its awesome pork preparations. We stayed at estates, in these home-stays, which is really a fun experience. You’re treated like family…except when it comes to pay the bills. So we got to savor a lot of the local cuisine. Upon arrival at the first home-stay, the nice lady sent up some starters to accompany the rum. The veg starters can be ignored….but the pork! OMG! The glutton ate an entire bowl full of delicious scrumptious mouthwatering delectable pork. It was made to perfection. Succulent pork chops, crafted into tiny morsels of tasty glimpses of awesomeness. And after a day of living off chips, this was heaven. I almost broke out into my rendition of the Fitgerald-Armstrong song ‘Heaven’….heck! I could have sung the Bryan Adams song too, and would have still made total sense….” Oh thinking about all the years…there was only you and me….then you were in my tummy….” (I really need to stop the corny song-writing). Anyway, I believe I’ve stocked up on enough pork to last through should I hibernate. Only issue is, I’ve had three friends warn me about tapeworm. Now, I’m paranoid about that and am s**t scared of using the bathroom. (Ironic) But seriously, the pork was fabulous.

Another highlight of the trip was the Ayurvedic massage which we all went to. I’ve been wanting to try out a massage since the longest time ever. I always believed it was something the really rich did. Hence, I’ve been limiting myself to the 40 bucks hair massage at my local barber. Turns out, it isn’t all that expensive. Half way through the massage, the masseuse started giving me unsolicited weight loss advice. “Sir, you’re fat…you must reduce weight…you’ll look proper…you’re 24…you should not look like this.” This is probably the one time I was really offended. You’re almost butt-naked on a massage table and half way through, you’re being told you’re fat. Yeah, corner me and do that! I was terribly frightened to retort, lest the masseuse suddenly twist some nerve and I end up looking like I’m having a stroke. (Been seeing too much Kung-Fu Panda). I silently endured. I am sure they were all discussing after I left, ‘did you see that thing I had to touch with my bare hands….good grief…we ought to charge these types extra…. Anyone willing to put up money he’s single?’ Go on. Make fun. Sticks and stones you horrible people.

All this apart, the trip was fabulous. Great food (without tapeworm I hope). Awesome company and a massage that felt so good that for the first time in 2 years, I haven’t entered work with the Monday-Morning Blues. The massage coupled with the fact that I have just over a week’s worth of work left with my current organization makes things feel good. I’m looking forward to starting class and meeting new friends. In the words of Porky Pig, “eh…that’s all folks!!!!” ( Looney Toons theme song plays)

25 March, 2009

Love the new Ipod

I honestly can’t understand why I’m so in love with the Ipod products from Apple. I just can’t. There is something I just can’t explain about the Ipod that I find so fascinating. It’s perhaps the cutest and most adorable piece of technology on Earth. I already own 4 Ipods. I own the first ever 256 MB one that came out way in 2005. After that I moved on to the matchbox 4 GB Ipod. Mum won another in some contest, which I have inherited. I bought the 80 GB Classic Ipod at a time I was fairly distressed and she has more or less become my constant companion. I remember a few days I’ve been unable to work because the Ipod battery got completely drained and I didn’t have the charging cable.

Anyway, leaving all that aside, I want the new Ipod that Apple have put out.

It is definitely one of the cutest and most adorable things I’ve seen. (Right up there with the faces of Kirsten Kreuk and Keri Russell….Sigh!!!) The new Ipod is half the size of the tiny matchbox Ipod and is double the capacity. 4 GB worth of songs in the new one. Also, the controllers have been embedded in the headphones. Also, one of it comes with a voice feature which tells you what song is being played and who the artist is. This option sure would suck with our bollywood numbers. Anyway, I really like this new Ipod and want it. I thought the new Ipod Nano with video feature was adorable, but this one just made Bambi look like Jack the Ripper.

I really like the new Ipod ( hint hint wink wink my readers….). But I guess I’ll abstain from putting it on the Christmas list to Santa. Right now, I’m fretting and am nearly in acute depression because the laptop I’m buying doesn’t have an awesome graphics card. But looking at the fact, that I won’t be getting much time to play anything for the next year or so, I guess it is okay. I’ll put a new laptop on the Diwali wish list for 2010. If I’m lucky enough to get an awesome salary, I can even buy a console. Holy crap, I just scared myself… I did a mature adult thing by deciding go for an inexpensive laptop without a graphics card because I won’t get time to play….Yikes! But it did warm my heart to see one person on the online forums who had requested for an Nvidia card. So phew! There is hope that I may still game in the future.

Coming back to the new Ipod, it’s horribly cute (oxymoron?!?!?!?!) and terribly adorable. And it comes in black too. Definitely something I would invest in, sometime down the line. But not now. I would however accept gifts for my birthday coming up in a couple of months.

24 March, 2009


Somehow, the Natalie Imbruglia song doesn’t fit this scenario exactly. It’s 7 AM. I’m having nightmares trying to choose. It’s a life altering decision. It will change everything. Also, considering the fact that the choices I have aren’t exactly the best, I have to choose the lesser of two evils.

For all those who haven’t figured out my geeky woes, I’m trying to select a laptop. This is normally a fairly easy task. I had my heart set on the Apple Mac book ever since I saw it. ( I really need a life….’love at first sight’ with all these gadgets…first guitar…now this). But my college sent us a configuration which we need to adhere to. I believed it would be wiser to allow them to procure the same. However, it turns out – the most important part of the laptops they are getting, is not to my liking. I am referring to the all important elixir of life - the graphics card. None of these have any. They are all onboard units with zero upgrade capability. While I don’t expect to be spending the next year gaming, I would like to be able to run counter Strike Source on my system. I am sure that Quake 3 arena and AOE II would work quite well….but it’s CS:Source that I’m worried about.

The prices are too tempting for me to not take up the offer. I can buy a beautiful little gaming console post MBA. That can happen, but my fear remains – what if I forget what it is to game? What if I become like all the other corporate sell-outs and deem Gaming a juvenile pastime and never buy a gaming console/laptop again? What if I trade in my keyboard and mouse for a stupid golf club? ( I want to play that too, but not right now) Can any of you who know me imagine a Nikhilesh Murthy who didn’t game? Can you???

It's blasphemous almost.... unheard of....absurd... ( I'm starting to sound like Tevye)

I remember the last time I didn’t have a graphics card. One whole year almost. I did a lot of stupid embarrassing things in that time. Nothing to keep me grounded. No sniping and headshots and frags to keep me in touch with reality. Many of my friends would testify in court the madness I had undergone. It’s now that I’m normal again and am thinking properly and sanely and less like a kid fresh in college high on adrenaline. ( He’s lamenting about PC games…that isn’t puerile enough?)

Anyway, I’m torn… I’m confused…perplexed…bamboozled…bewildered…befuddled….(amazing how the synonyms tab with the right click work…) But I still can’t truly express what I’m going through. Singing like Natalie, “My inspiration has run dry….That’s what’s going on, nothings right, I’m torn….”

23 March, 2009

So much to say…nuclear meltdown and bad-pants day.

I’ve been unable to write a lot this month, despite having lots to write about. Evenings have gotten sort of busy post results. And the weekends are horribly busy too. Irregularity will clear itself up soon.My apologies if you’ve been waiting with bated breath. There’s so much happening that I don’t know where to start. I’ll break this up into separate sections to make it easy for me to think, lest I end up babbling about so many things that no one can comprehend. Also, I’ll sound like one of those children who wants to tell you all about their exciting day that they try to say as much as possible in one breath itself. This is going to be a fairly long blog, so better take that bio-break…just in case.Here goes:

The Nuclear Reactor – Half Life could still happen

I had been to my new college over the weekend. Thought I’d take a look at the place and see how much space the rooms had. It would have helped me better judge how much junk I can take along. The place was only 70% ready. They say they can finish the entire bit in a month’s time. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I discovered something awesome when I went over to the new Great Lakes campus. We’re just about 7 kilometers from the Kalpakkam nuclear plant. Somehow, this is really exciting. So close to a nuclear site. Imagine! If the resonance cascade ever happened and we were witness to the Half Life Black Mesa episode, I could be Gordan Freeman. I now have to read up on how to defeat zombies using a crow bar. ( Please refer the web for Half Life (PC Games) if you didn’t understand.)

Coming back to reality, I’m a little worried that we may be getting nuclear contaminated water supply. It could lead to all sorts of mutations. I’d be getting free cancer treatment with all that radiation…only thing….I don’t have any cancer. Also, I’m honestly worried about a meltdown and terror attacks, I’d be the first to go. And it would be in the most unimpressive way possible. I am planning to quietly shield the walls of my room with lead and insulation. I have already placed my order for a hazard suit. Recommend any fellow students to do the same. There are other things I am contemplating, but am not telling you about it.

The new familiarity

As I had mentioned earlier, I had gone to Chennai over the weekend. This time was quite different compared to all the other times. I normally visit Chennai just to meet some relatives. I felt quite odd while getting off the train. I guess somewhere at the back of my mind, I had figured this was going to be home for a year at least. I actually found myself trying to understand the roads and how you got to where. The heat for once didn’t seem to bother me as much. 

You normally visit cities and leave with a certain unemotional attachment to the place. You visit only the nice places and most of the town is but a fleeting glimpse as you drive through. But this time, I was actually soaking up the details of this town. I guess that’s the difference when you’re a mere traveler. At some level, this felt like when you get to actually know the name of a person whom you’ve merely seen so many times, but have never actually spoken to them or even know their name. I am still unfamiliar with the town, but I am sure I’d get to know it better soon.

Liked it…now Love it…am scared

I was lazing around late Sunday afternoon. I decided to finally tackle the long procrastinated activity of clearing my DVD collection. While I was clearing it, I came across my old ‘Rang De Basanti’ movie DVD. As always, being the perpetual procrastinator of mundane cleaning tasks, I decided to watch the movie. When I saw this movie back in college, I really liked it. Now I love it. I was especially moved by the part where Aamir khan tells Gulaboo ( Sue…can’t remember the actresses name) about why he’s never left the university. (translated into English) “ In this university, I am someone, I have respect…but outside those walls, I’m no one…and there are hundreds like me who in the world out there who have fallen….”

Somehow, I felt really moved by this line. It felt so true. Especially in the light of me resigning from my current job. In a short time, I believe I’ve garnered a fair amount of respect. I’ve become fairly cozy in the company. But now, after a year, armed with an MBA degree, I’m back to being no one. Back to having to climb and prove my worth all over again. That too, now in an economy where you can be from the best B-school in the world and still be treated like no one. Tough times…my only fear is of becoming no one.

Coming back to RDB, the movie was more moving than when the first time I saw it. Somehow, a lot of it made more sense this time around.

Starting to understand Che

Post watching ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’, I seem to find myself terribly fascinated with the icon ‘Che Guevara. I’ve downloaded  ‘The Argentine’ and ‘Guerilla’ which are both based on his life. I intend to catch these over the weekend. I also want to buy the books written by him. But funds for college are keeping me away from the book store. I still find it fascinating as to how a man who started out being a doctor, ended up being one of the greatest and most influential icons of our time. And it had nothing to do with medicine. There is still hope that I may be worth something more than a mere MBA grad (in a years time) in this life. Please don’t misunderstand this for me wanting to form a rebel group that would overthrow the government or something, ( not a bad idea really), but I’m looking more at being someone who can change the world, leave a mark, immortality…all that jazz. ( Obviously, I’m being an idealist and am speaking gibberish)

Bad-pants day 

Today has been bad-pants day. NO! The pants did not misbehave in  any way, It’s just that, they’ve been attracting all sort of dirt all day. Started off with coffee being spilt, which was followed by Mirinda and just as things could not get worse, some ketchup got squirted on it too. Well, that wasn’t the end. I discovered some grease stains near the lower leg. Guess the colour of the pants??? Nice off white colour. So far, mum hasn’t noticed….when she does…I’m going to say, “Surf excel hain na?

After which I shall be thrown out of the house.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’ll babble on about other stuff later. I’m busy trying to figure out the really important questions in life….namely – which laptop to choose, Dell or HP ????

18 March, 2009

Gender-neutrality gone berserk.

I was reading an article on the net regarding gender neutrality which reported that an MEP of the EU was handing out pamphlets that called for a complete change in the way members of the European parliament addressed their women counterparts and called for the same to be implemented throughout the EU and all its nations. The European Parliament has already prohibited the use of the terms 'Miss' and 'Mrs' in case they upset female MEPs. So from now on, we get to call all women MEPs, “yo dawg…wassa!” or “ hey babe…” or even “sup sista?” (kidding) . Anyway, he has requested abolishment of terms like sportsmen (now to be called athletes), fireman, airhostess, headmaster, policeman, salesman, manageress, cinema usherette and male nurse and a whole host of other gender specific terms.

Alright! My first question is what are you going to replace them with? Fire-person, the air-tray-table hosting person, the person who shall show me to my seat in a theater. (The first sounds like an X-men). We have these terms to clearly define a male or female person in that profession. We’re being made to sound as though it’s a crime to call a woman a woman. ( I’m unsure why I’m getting annoyed….. I’m not part of the EU…and in India, we are allowed to beat up women….) What do you do with terms like mistress or hooker? I don’t think we can find a gender neutral term for such words. Just try it…gender neutral term for a hooker and a gigolo? ( Stumped ????)

The request has been made to replace terms like 'man-made' with either 'synthetic' or 'artificial' . I can live with that. We already consider Pamela Anderson’s assets to be artificial….Why would I go about saying they were man-made? At least we’ve found a suitable replacement for the term that some might find derogatory. Many women also consider the word ‘semester’ to be an indication of male dominance. Don’t ask me to explain. We’re already referring to actresses as actors, which I still find little hard to accept. Maybe we ought to refer to them as thespians. But like my friend put it, it’s terrible to be calling Govinda a thespian. Hell!! By that order, even Himesh “the howler” Reshamiya is a thespian. I can see Shakespeare shudder in his grave.

The EU is also looking to ban titles like Madame and Mademoiselle, Frau and Fraulein and Senora and Senorita. This is absolutely stupid. Titles like this are part of a country's culture and definitely isn’t worth the effort just to satisfy a few hardcore feminists. Imagine if the same was done in India. Shri Shri Shri Ravishankar would be left with no titles. And what is to become of the old TV serial named ‘Shrimaanji, Shrimatiji’. It’s just wrong. What about SRK in DDLJ? What would he call Kajol? He isn't allowed Senorita !!! OMG, I can see it now; this is where anarchy comes into the picture. All hell breaks loose. SRK CANNOT call Kajol Senorita!!!!! And what about all those other movies that follow DDLJ and have the boy and girl meet in Switzerland and can't have the boy call the girl 'senorita'? OMG !!!! What is to happen to all those cliches???? What?!?!?!????? Armageddon is here!

We need to draw the line somewhere. There are some places where gender neutrality just doesn’t work. Very soon, we’ll have some hardcore feminists saying we should stop differentiating between man and woman. We shall be known as the race of the ‘indeterminates’. (I can see a lot of mathematicians thinking this is funny…. 'indeterminates' ...lol)

16 March, 2009

My mom is way too cool….dad is awesome too!!!

This Sunday started out being fairly morbid. The bitter taste of the thrashing meted out to us at home by the Liverpool team still lingered. (Or was it the funny tasting prawns from last night). Anyway, I got out of bed, still having recurring images of how horribly we played. 4-1. No joke! But, anyway, it’s a game. The awesomeness of the day began with me going to buy my first ever business suit. I’ve always had this thing for suits. A certain air of awesomeness about them. This would explain my adoration for the character of Barney Stinson from HIMYM. I’ve always imagined I’d be one of those Ocean’s 11 type guys, perpetually wearing suits. Anyway, it wasn’t an Armani…but I guess a nice Raymond suit ought to suffice…for now. Oh, this was the first time in almost 11 years that my Dad and I went shopping. Some women may not define it as shopping…you never have a motive of what you want to buy when shopping…just a vague general idea….but, meet my dad! This was shopping! Go to store, buy what you want and come home. Also, this was the first time the referee in all our battles – mom, didn’t come along. With dad’s super low patience in shops and my need to try on everything, generally, it’s a terrible experience. But things were very mature and calm this time around.

Now here’s the best part of the day. I got my second set of tattoos. So technically, I have 3 right now. Awesome it is. Now, you might think what the big deal about getting a tattoo is. Well, this one was funded by mom. Yes! You heard me right. Mom paid for the tattoos. (I can see a lot of the relatives frowning at mom for encouraging such blasphemy…what’s next? Anarchy I tell you….Anarchy! Breakdown of the system!!!) Mom wanted to give me some sort of gift for getting ahead in life. She wanted it to be something that I could look back after many years and proudly say that my mom gave me ‘this’ when I got into a college. While a sports bike, BMW or a pet wolf were out of the question, the only thing that came to mind was a tattoo. It was something permanent and would be super cool too. She allowed a tattoo, but no guitar…logic still defies me! Maybe we don’t have storage issues with the tattoos.

I landed at the tattoo shop with a design in mind. Somehow, that didn’t click. I thought, what better way to honour my folks and thank them for all that they’ve done and sacrificed for me… I got a tattoo of the zodiac symbols for Leo and Virgo, dad and mom’s zodiac signs, respectively. The process was a little more painful than the last time. I did wince a little. The entourage had come along to witness this. One friend got her tattoo improved upon by adding tiny pixie fairies to the existing elf. So here I am, with a total of 3 tattoos and probably the best way to thank my folks. (Am sure they’d still want the cruise though…dammit). I initially planned on getting the symbol of the family God, but I think at this point in time, I’m more grateful to my folks than I am to God ( No offence dude !!! God: None taken) He has done a lot for me, but I think the folks need some recognition going by long term performance. Dad really liked the tattoos.The picture is below:

By the way, my first tattoo from two years ago ,made it to the photo catalog of the artist. So cool!!! I’m now immortal in the tattoo world. High Five !!!

11 March, 2009

“I don’t want any anti-ageing cream !”

I was down and out with a sore throat and fever early this week. Hence ,spent all day lying in bed, either sleeping or reading X men comics. I was sleeping Tuesday afternoon when the landline rang. Mum wasn’t at home, so I had to drag myself all the way across to the other room to answer the phone.

(In a high pitched screechy voice…reminiscent of Janice from Friends)” Hello Sir! May I speak with Mr.Murthy?”

(Me, in a voice that sounds like Elmer Fudd with a hangover)” yeah…that’s me.”

(Conversation alternates between the telemarketer and I)

“ Sir… I am calling from Ponds …we have a super offer on our miracle anti-ageing cream….”

“ But I don’t want any…thank you”

“Sir….please listen to my offer….we guarantee results in 7 days or else…”

“No thanks….I look gorgeous and amazing as it is… sweet 16 almost….”

“Sir…money back after 7 days…”

“look here…I want to speak to your Marketing guy….his strategy is all messed up…you don’t call people and tell them they need anti-ageing cream….”

CLICK… She hung up !
Another victory for me....

07 March, 2009

3 guitars…so what?????

I wanted tot treat myself to a new guitar. An absolute shiny black gorgeous one, that I’ve fallen in love with. But apparently, I’m not supposed to have it because …oh well…I already own three guitars. I mean, SO WHAT?

Mum doesn’t want the guitar because, you see, when I come back after a year , she wont have any place to put it. Erm, yes! Storage issues rank higher than what I want to do to celebrate my little victory. These mothers I tell you…greatest people in the world…but when it comes to cleaning and storage and other house related stuff….they go all crazy. Dad, is being all, ‘you are going for studies…..’ why waste money on the guitar. I am not getting any support from friends either. ‘You have 3…why do you want more?’

Well, because I do….and that’s it!

Some people collect cars, bikes, girlfriends,sports medals …hell, some psychotic murderers collect body parts. All I want are guitars, and what’s wrong with that? I am sure the same sort of uproar wouldnt have happened if I said I wanted to collect stamps...or something of that order!

Thanks for all the negativity! I’m all miffed now. Now I’m not going to buy one. It is cursed! Cursed I tell you!

06 March, 2009

Much ado about Gandhi

Well, the recent auction of Gandhi’s glasses, slippers and other personal belongings has become a matter of national debate. The current government obviously pulling the ‘sentimental’ nationalist card just before elections tried hard to out-bid or convince Mr. James Otis to hand over the belongings as they were national symbols. I agree with one thing, slippers are a national symbol which we need to throw at all politicians. Personal vendetta aside, all is well now, with Dr.Vijay Mallaya pulling off the winning bid.

In all honesty, I do believe that these items, if we do place any value, are better off in the hands of foreigners. At least one can be sure that they would be respected and be well taken care off. Many patriotic (cough …cough) people would disagree with me and string my up to a stake and burn me for heresy. The truth remains…. We Indians have no respect for our past what so ever.

You heard me loud and clear, NO respect. If not anything, we’ve tried selling our past because…oh well….it’s worth a lot. The numerous buildings we’ve engraved our many romances….Raja loves Rani, Ram loves Sita, Tom loves Jerry…erm… no…strike the last one out. We’ve successfully managed to scar history with such markings. The walls of most palaces and other monuments are used as a urinal by many. Not to forget the great Taj Mahal, symbol of love (are we allowed to talk about love…or is it against our culture too?)which has been permanently blemished by the industries that we beautifully set up right around it in the name of progress. I remember my first visit to the Taj Mahal and it was quite disappointing….repugnant even. For all I vividly remember was that dead buffalo floating in the black tainted waters of the Yamuna. Our scientific museums are places where well under educated children run amuck pressing all the buttons to see the nice shiny displays move or make some weird sound. ( "Pheobe"..."oooh.....that's a funny noise"....sorry....Friends O.D) All this while the parents catch some rest in the bench at the entrance.

And we’re honestly so bothered about giving away something like spectacles? A friend commented on this, saying that unless the bowl and plate which the Mahatma used were something that gave you magical supernatural powers…there really isnt any value. If there is any value, it is in the ideals set forth by the Mahatma, which we need to treasure. That, quite clearly, certain morally correct groups, our politicians, judicial system etc, have upheld to the highest level. Bravo !
(Cough…cough…I’m puking blood here….oh wait…it’s all the lies and filth they’ve been feeding us over the years).

Here’s the best part – Mr.Otis had certain very rational demands which were rejected by the Indian Government. Demands were to increase budgetary allocation for the poor by reducing military expenditure or create an international traveling exhibit about Mahatma Gandhi that would reach 78 countries, one for each year of his life. This quite obviously was rejected by our beloved government as they are absolutely preposterous. How can we care about the poor? And what do you mean increase awareness for Gandhi? That’s for Sanjay Dutt to do in Munnabhai part 3. Okay, fine! If you insist, we will have all theaters run a screening of Richard Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi’ once in a while and will have it dubbed into all regional languages. Oh, okay, we’ll make the tickets tax free too….is that okay?

I guess, we all have a certain sentimental value in objects of the past. It’s a human tendency. But to get so attached and overly worked up about something that you have no respect for and are not even going to care, is absolutely senseless. I am sure even the Mahatma would have been appalled by us placing value in his personal belongings rather than in his teachings. And looking at the way this country is going I’m sure he would have thought twice before choosing to fight for it. Who knows? Maybe there is still some hope.The recent ‘pink chaddies’ campaign was a perfect example of why I am still optimistic about the future of this country. Maybe, someday we would actually truly deserve Gandhi’s belongings.

04 March, 2009


Well, quite obviously, the entire household is fairly relieved that I managed to secure a seat for my higher education in a good institution. I believed it was time to celebrate this and told my folks that I was taking them out for a night out on the town. Fancy restaurant and all that jazz.But my folks, being so awesome, told me that they didn’t want a treat now. Immediately, I was so miffed; started ranting the whole, “My money…I want to treat my parents…you had better come.”

They calmly explained that they definitely wanted a treat, but right now I needed the money to treat the hordes of friends I have. Also, I would have tons of purchases soon. Books, laptop, shoes, clothes, original software ( Damn….cant depend on piratebay.com any more…oops….you never heard that…what pirates…Johnny Depp…yes yes), and would need spending money once I went off to college. So the money I have been saving over the last year was meant for that and they would definitely be taking a treat on my first salary post MBA. They do expect it to be a nice fat juicy salary. (Optimistic even in the recession)

Like they put it, “Don’t worry. We’ll take a treat from you after you get the next job. We’ll force you even if you don’t like it. Gun to head if you don’t. Also you had better start saving up for that cruise we’ve always wanted to go on.”

Me, “Oh….cruise…like in the 3 of us as a family?”

Parental unit, “No dummy! Just us both. You’d be busy working and would need someone to blow up your salary. And since you don’t have a girlfriend or a wife, we thought we’d help.”

I am not sure what they are hinting at….did THEY also just make fun of my single status?

02 March, 2009

My Acceptance Speech

HOLY LORD !!! I actually got admission. I actually did. Ai caramba!!! Ai Chihuahua!!! 2 years spent for this moment, and it is here. It just happened. It just came along quite unassumingly and imposed itself on my life. Now, everything is going to be different. Awesomely different. ( I hope)
Okay! Calm down! Breath…..compose thyself….

 Thanks to the Oscar season…I’ll put this in the form of an acceptance speech.

(After much applause)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I always imagined this moment a lot differently in my head. But life as we know it has this funny way of not living up to your expectations. I agree, this scene in my head has been running so differently, but all said and done, looking at status quo, I believe the lord in his infinite wisdom has given what he felt I deserve. And I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth; I am gladly accepting what he has given me with a lot of pride and joy, but mostly pride.

Pride – the most important thing for me. Despite what others may think, to which I honestly don’t care, this moment and this achievement is all mine. I know what I have been through. The madness of obsession and blind self belief, which has definitely taken its toll on me. I know the moments I’ve spent speculating the darkest things that could happen to me lest I not make it anywhere. I’ve been there and after all this battling, if this is these are the spoils of war, I’m taking them for they are the spoils that I have got with my own sweat and blood. I know the heartbreak I faced with every rejection, and it is through all that, I am no longer on my knees.

But, all said, all done. I am here. And I stand with my head held high for this was my doing and mine alone. I definitely need to thank my mum for all the incessant praying she did. Am sure this is partly thanks to her. And thanks to dad for all the moral and financial support, more so the latter. I definitely need to thank all my friends who’ve been so awesome and so patient to tolerate my madness and anxiety through all this. I agree, I have lost my mind to some trivial issues and you guys have been there. Muchos gracious. I also need to thank all those relatives who have prayed and given me encouragement and advice at the right time. 

I’m in a mixed mood, whether to thank God or not. I’m still quite angry at him for keeping me on the borderline case, but am tremendously grateful for giving me this admit. I guess, in his plans, he knows what he’s doing. Of late, a couple of things for which I was pretty annoyed with things he’s done to us in the past, but they all make perfect sense now. I am sure; he has his reasons for keeping me this way. I thank him for it. This will keep me hungry enough to work hard to beat people who are qualified better than I, at least qualified on paper. This will make sure that I give it my best and that some day this blog will have an acceptance speech of true acclaim and gratitude. Today I stand a more humble and confident person ready to take on the world. To the world, I got four words…. Bring it on Bitch !!!!

To conclude, through all the insanity, look, I’ve made it. I’m still standing. Scarred and beaten, but stronger to face the new day. And from now, it’s my story to write. I will determine fate. 

“ Just because it is….doesn’t mean it should be !!!”

Thank you all...onwards...to the future.....Stength and Honour!

Bravo Victor!