29 January, 2012

Finally… a boy’s room!

The world has just been keeping me so busy since the New Year! And not necessarily in a good way, but it sure beats sitting around doing nothing but playing the PS3. (Erm….don’t tell the PS3 I said that, she may get angry). Anyway, we finished repainting the house late last year. It had been almost 7 years since we last painted the house and it was about time. I received many congratulations from our house maid and the watchman who assumed I had gotten engaged and the entire house painting was owing to that. It turns out, many of the neighbours thought I was getting engaged too.

The interior designer in me showed up and decided the shades of colour we were to use, no normal vanilla boring white walls. We also decided that it was high time my room looked more like “my” room and less like a guest room. I’ve never really had a room that was mine for as long as I can remember. When we moved in, my grandparents came to live with us. So we put in three beds, one single and one in which you could pull out another from underneath. My room has been that way since. You won’t find much to indicate that a boy lived there. When we moved to Africa for a while, we lived in company provided accommodation, so clearly no posters on the walls and the room did not reflect the changing age of yours truly. When we got back from Africa, my grandma lived with us, so pretty much same story. Even the guitars bought were kept on top of the cupboards to ensure living space was at maximum capacity.

However, ever since my grandma moved to Mumbai where she got “her own” room at my aunt’s place, I’ve been craving for a room that reflects me. You know, music system, posters on the wall, guitars strewn around….that kind of thing. I am proud to announce that yours truly now has a room that is almost like what he wanted. 3 gorgeous posters of Metallica, Manchester United and Batman adorn my wall. My guitars are now kept on individuals stands where I can plug them in any time and play. A small table to myself, with my own laptop and decent speakers belting out music at any time. And the best part is, we got rid of the single bed freeing up so much room. I’ve put some pictures of the posters and the room at the end. I also have this giant bean bag.
While it is clearly 10 years too late, I guess better late than never. I now finally have a room I can call my own. The only thing that can make this room way more awesome would be to have my own flat screen TV with the PS3 moved in. But I am willing to compromise. It is sort of sad that I will have this room like this only for another two years at best. The parental unit is slowly trying to cozy me up to the concept of marriage. I know I’m safe for a year at least. But until then, I have my own room! Yaaaay!

01 January, 2012

Happy New Year...2011 was boring!

I’m not going to waste your time doing a long review of 2011 because quite frankly there really wasn’t much to remember 2011 by. So keeping it simple, here are my top seven personal memorable and ‘wish you could drink to forget’ moments of 2011. Which is which is for me to know and you to find out.

1.      Metallica  - My Gods and heroes – saw them up close and live in Bangalore
2.      Formed band number 5 and disbanded after 5 shows
3.      Rejoined guitar classes and discovered the joy of Blues guitar
4.      Played with Ehsaan Noorani , and met the folks from the ‘Saturday Night Blues band’ who were somewhat inspiring
5.      Finally got my PS3
6.      Saw many close friends get married
7.      Accepted that my MBA means nothing in the real world

Hopes and dreams for 2012 are fairly cut out, hope to earn a lot more or enough to be able to afford at least 1 vacation abroad. Or at least go to a company that sends you on these trips abroad. I hope that I get a more permanent band, make some great music and we play some great gigs, good enough to get us to play at the October Fest in Bangalore. There is the perpetual hope that I lose weight and look my age, and more importantly attempt to act my age and keep in good health. i hope I continue to meet new people and have a fun time with a chance to write a lot more blogs. And most important hope is that I remain unmarried through 2012. There are a lot of friends and family vying for my blood. I just hope that the parents don’t spring a surprise and make me do the “ Arey Mishra sahib ki ladki se mil toh lo…” Except Mishra would be replaced with a  Subramanium, or Srinivasan or one of our awesome tambram names.

Wish you all a great year ahead! May all your hopes and dreams  come true! Cheers!